Proof-of-narrative document


Deluge is a disaster murder-mystery mini-series set in the newly established Victorian town of Claranda, during the 1869 gold rush. Junior Constable, Murray Walker arrives in town to find a half-built police station, a raging flood and the murdered body of wealthy landowner, Mr. Hughes. The flood forces the townspeople higher, into the manor house where Mr. Hughes was killed. Murray risks his life rescuing those left behind, while the murderer strikes again. The townspeople band together to save themselves from the impending landslide, however the murder attempts to kill again, compromising the plan. People are blamed, and the secrets that lie beneath the surface are exposed. The real culprit is discovered and the plan to divert the landslide succeeds, conquering the powerful force of nature.

A video concept and soundscape have been created in order to immerse the audience in the world of Deluge.

Download the Deluge-Proof-of-narrative here.

Project Date: In development
Format: Mini-series
Role: Writer
Categories: Writing, Screenplay, Mini-series