Pocket Museum is an interactive application that allows users to explore historical stories around Melbourne. The Pocket Museum website and application allow users to discover real historical figures, visit real locations where historical vents happened. The application includes webisodes, pictures, audio artefacts, maps and social media. This prototype focuses on the story of John Mitchell Christie, Victoria’s own Sherlock Holmes. Christie was a Police Detective and Customs Detective Inspector, best known for using disguises to catch criminals, brandishing the sword concealed in his signature cane. He infiltrated Russian spies, solved notorious robberies, thwarted smugglers and counterfeiting rings, raided bootleggers and served as a bodyguard to royalty. 

This project was developed at RMIT University by Amy Ryan, Brontae Keighery, Ellie Jamonts and Jen Farrow. 

Please note that the mobile application is no longer available.

Project Date: Jun 2016
Format: Mobile application, Podcast, Web series
Role: Writer, Director, Editor
Categories: Writing, Directing, Editing, Web series, Creative